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1. The Brazilian women's commune Noiva do Cordeiro (Belo Vale, Brazil)
The community consists of about 600 Brazilians from 20 to 35 years old. The necessary subsistence is agriculture, many of the women in the commune have husbands and sons, but they have to work in other cities and only a few are allowed to see each other during the weekend. A year ago, a representative of this remarkable settlement made an appeal to the men of the planet through the commune page on Facebook and at the local press, with a proposal to move to the commune as permanent residents. The main intentions of the women are romantic relationship and marriage.

2. The Tuareg (live in Mali, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Algeria and Libya)
The Tuareg people have a concept of the "Ghasri" which is an absolute freedom of manners at all unmarried Tuareg women, no matter whether they are girls, divorced or widowed women. The more lovers they have, the better is their reputation. There is no girl can be married against her will there.

3. Northern Mariana Islands (Pacific)
The men to women ratio is 756 to 1000. And in the age group from 18 to 64 there are even more women - 686 men to 1000 women.

4. Odessa (Ukraine)
In this city 54% of the population is women, that is why Odessa has a title of the most attractive city for single men from around the world. This lady's superiority may seem a trifle, but in real life this number considered to be statistically significant and able to influence the "balance of power" in the second half search.

5. As for Russia, it is not that bad for single men.
Russia also consistently ranks in the top of "female" countries. The men- women ration is 66 million Russian men to more than 76 million women. The biggest gender imbalance is in Ivanovo, 100 men to 190 women. In Yaroslavl - 179 women to 100 men In Chita – 177, Kursk - 174, Nizhniy Novgorod and Tver - 173, Tula - 171, Barnaul and Perm - 170. However, there are places in the world where the number of the male population is over dominated the female. According to the UN, there are the most men in Australia (130 women to 100 men), after that China, India and Pakistan. So are you ready to leave everything and to go to another city or even country to look for your destiny?