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Everyone knows that Slavic women are the most beautiful ones – nobody will question this. But foreign men are also sure that Ukrainian girls like to cook and know how to keep ideal tidiness in a house, and they are also sure as well in mythical habits of English, German, French women and representatives of other nationalities. What are they really like – foreign wives? Let’s try and find out the truth…

The most popular stereotypes
German women are business-like and are never late anywhere.
A French woman is a model of taste and sexuality, the most feminine and fragile being in the world, she never wears heels, mini-skirts and seldom uses make-up.
Englishwomen are lanky, reserved and very conservative.
Swedish women are tall blonde North inhabitants who live in a big ‘Swedish family’ and have their breakfast at a ‘Swedish table’. Japanese ones are geishas with whitened faces, hairpins, trying to please a man in everything.
Ukrainians are beautiful and sexy, housewifely and kind. Sometimes provident and mercantile.
German women. There is an ideal order at home – not a speck of dust on the floor, all things lay on their places. These ladies place a big emphasis on functionality of every room. For example, there should be not one adult thing in the playroom. A German woman will notice any change in the room and put everything back on its place.
French women. They express their originality creating interior of their family nest – there can be an old rusty accordion on the most visible place of a living-room, and among nice toys there can hide a shot-gun.
English women. A personal honor of any English housewife is her little garden. She can leave any business for some hours of dig into the soil. At this time a husband may do whatever he wishes. A wife captivated by a labor of love won’t even notice his absence in the house.
Swedish women. Strange as it may seem, representatives of this nation differ by their amazing ability to create home comfort. Probably, the severe climate of the country is at fault. There is a million of small details in every room – napkins, statuettes, figures on coffee tables, necessary paintings on the walls. When one looks at all this, one’s head is swimming. A comfortable home of a Swedish woman is a dream of Ukrainian housewives.
Japanese women. In the home interior one keeps faith to old customs – floors are covered with thick tatami made of paddy straw, hieroglyphs are hung on the walls and surely one can’t do without ikebana. Kitchen for Japanese women is the main place at home, here they keep a real sterility. But Japanese housewives can’t impress with diversity of products. A visiting card of any house is rice. Attentive Japanese women can cook more than a hundred of dishes out of it.
Ukrainian brides. Foreigners assert that they are wonderful housewives. It is hard to disagree with it. Ukrainian women know a rule that ‘the way to a man’s heart lays through his stomach’ and use it successfully. Foreign fiancés who came down to just borsch and vareniki can’t stop being surprised at culinary fantasies of Slavic beauties.
German women. One can seldom meet ‘shopaholics’ among German women. A traditional shopping happens approximately so: ladies float unhurriedly between shelves in a supermarket, examine goods carefully but they put nothing into their carts. Shopping begins only with the second lap. German women seldom take men to boutiques, more often with friends even when they need to buy a suit for a husband. It is hard to call modern German ladies fashionmongers – they prefer a comfortable casual style of clothing. German women even go to work in trainers and change them for shoes in an office.
French women. There are several things which French women never save on – handkerchiefs, shoes, underwear and accessories. Coming for a cup of coffee French women seldom discuss men, but they consider it to be a holy cause to impress each other with new gastronomic discoveries. For them cooking is not a hard household labor but a creative process.
English women. An old legless chair, a portrait of an unknown lady in a golden frame, a huge wardrobe –an English women can buy out all these things of a rush when doing shopping on a beloved junk market. These are for some reason spontaneous marketplaces that attract these conservative ladies. Probably, they give way to their emotions in shopping.
Swedish women. They send their husbands to do shopping once a week and they always buy what is needed without any lists. And Swedish women themselves rarely attend shops, but right on target as they say. A couple of times a year they devote a couple of weeks on everyday visits of sales in the company of friends. This period is probably the only time for proper communication for a feminine population. After the end of sales housewifely Swedish women fully devote themselves to household routine and it happens that they don’t even call each other till the next sale.
Japanese women. Representatives of the Eastern culture, unlike Swedish ones, never ask a husband to go shopping for products with them. It is considered to be humiliating for a man. If a wife meets her husband on his way home by chance a women will never give him even some bags and he, won’t offer her his help, as one should admit.
Ukrainian girls. A masculine population of near and far abroad unanimously put them the highest point for commitment to shopping, but except this they also noted an amazing ability of Ukrainian women to buy everything very cheaply and find sales even if there are none of them in a city.

German women. In Germany there probably are more single mothers than in any other European country. But even if partners are together, it is considered to be normal to spend holidays apart and have separate finances. Such trifles in no way bother Germans to love each other.
French women. There are few housewives among these romantic ladies. Practically all of them work ¬– they send their child early to a nursery, so that at school they become a totally independent person. Prudence of French women manifests itself in personal life too. They don’t hurry to register their marriages officially – a many-years severance lawsuit and payment to a lawyer in case of divorce make these ladies think well before they contract a marriage.
English women. Here are those who can be called carrier-makers – they don’t like to cook, they invent a quick dinner and go to dine to a nearby restaurant. A cleaning problem is usually solved by a housemaid. English women begin arrangement of their living after 30, when a career itch goes. Probably that’s why one child in an English family is a rarity, there are more often three of them.
Swedish women. Like French women they prefer to have relations with coming boyfriends and don’t hurry to tie themselves with marriage bonds. But if a Swedish women has decided to start a family she forgets at once what feminism is. Even a very busy businesswomen has a fridge loaded and there is a perfect dinner cooked in the evening.
Japanese women. In questions of marriage in the land of the rising sun there are real Middle Ages. Parents give Japanese girls in marriage to a candidate they like. And in any serious Japanese company there exists ‘a dating service for lonely employees’ which undertakes functions of arranging personal life of unmarried women of a company. Japanese women make universal wives – they keep the house perfectly, bring up children and provide with a dependable home front for their husbands.
Ukrainian ladies. Ideal housewives, caring mothers and faithful wives… Here is an approximate words of foreigners about Ukrainian wives. To a question what husbands don’t like in Slavic wives, 9 of 10 foreigners answered that they hardly put up with their wives’ loose tongues. No Ukrainian women will refuse meeting her friend for a while or discussing her chef’s injustice for an hour or so on the phone. And when it is in a language which her husband doesn’t understand… As this drawback is such a trifle compared to their merits!
German women. They take everything from life. Getting new impressions and knowledge is a sense of life of German women. They won’t leave a foreign country without having visited all the excursions and tasting all national dishes in a restaurant.
French women. What do women first pay attention at when getting acquainted with a man? 65% of French women are sure that a perfume which a young man uses will tell everything about him.
English women. Girls from provinces are a dream of any man from a capital city. The further from big cities the more prim English girls are, they have a habit of going to a church, dress in a modest way, practically use no make-up and prefer dedicating their life to their husband and children.
Swedish women. Young Swedish women prefer dark color of clothing. Elderly ones, like angels, wear only light clothes. And they also never sit on benches in front of their houses and never discuss their neighbors.
Japanese women. Not taking into consideration everything said about Japanese wives, they consider themselves to be leaders at home and the rule their husbands to the full. They seem to have adopted one fact well: ‘A husband is a head and a wife is a neck’ and use it so aptly in practice that husbands just don’t notice anything.
Ukrainian women. It’s amazing, but foreigners marry Ukrainians not because they are perfect housewives but because they can stroke, fondle and they are generous for showing their tenderness to their beloved husband. No Swedish, German or English woman will stroke or kiss once again. Probably that’s why marriages with Polish, Thai and Brazilian women are so often. Man’s soul needs tenderness!