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Today, on the eve of the St. Valentine’s Day we’ll talk about Ukrainian women – love, emotional warmth, and family. In general – about happiness. There is no secret that many of them more and more often look for their prince far abroad. A director of Kiev branch of ‘ukrainianbrides.ru’ international dating agencies network speaks about Ukrainian swallows flying away to far away countries and finding their destiny and happiness there.

An international dating agency ‘ukrainianbrides.ru’ is in a network of online dating services working in Ukraine since 2000. Our main office is located in Odessa. There are five branches in Ukraine – in Kiev, Nikolayev, Simferopol, Kherson, Kharkov, Zaporozhe and Donetsk. Men from the USA, Italy, Spain, Germany, a bit rarer from Canada and Japan turn to us. In the basis of any man’s interest to our girls from Ukraine lays their femininity, devotedness to family and children. Naturally, in the majority of cases one can find us through our web-site. However, quite often men coming to Kiev and other cities of Ukraine to work by contract or on business come to us.
For example, our Kiev branch has been working for already four years. Today in our database there are 750 profiles of girls from Kiev and 35,000 of profiles of women from other cities. About 30% of them are young unmarried girls of 18-28. However, the majority of our clients are those who already have an unsuccessful family experience. The main thing for them is their wish to step up to their fortune. Very often one can see women who are just afraid of changing anything in their life, lose heart and their self-confidence after an unsuccessful marriage experience. However, an active striving for changes which is so characteristic of Ukrainian women lets them get acquainted with new people, gain something in their life. And there is no need to be afraid of your own age or think of yourself as of unattractive. There are no age limits in serious dating agencies.

Everybody understands that the main problems in communication emerge because of a language barrier. Though many Ukrainian girls speak English at the mundane level such a knowledge may be often insufficient. Here an experienced translator will always come to help. He may become a shadow during your dates. We always advice girls the following: if you have a good English, know how to communicate in writing freely, it is better for you to communicate with men on your own. In other case we recommend you to make use of services of our agency.
An experience shows that the internet today is one of the most effective ways of international acquaintances. The thing is that our male clients are successful businessmen who work much. Internet is a lifestyle for them.

One option of our agency is work with people. We don’t organize socials (mass meetings with many participants), we organize a full escort for every client. Here an organization of a meeting, a constant presence of a translator (if needed), translation of letters, and ordering of flowers and presents are included. Such a list of services is characteristic of any serious agency.