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Men from Europe disproved a popular opinion that the most beautiful Ukrainian women are blonde. According to the last polling, the majority of representatives of the stronger sex in the Old World like dark-haired women better. In the polling held by a Ukrainian dating service a-goodwife.com more than 3 thousands of men participated. The aim of the research was to find out what exactly in Ukrainian women’s appearance attracts them most of all.

Contrary to expectations, blonde girls didn’t just give dark-haired girls their palm of victory, but also hopelessly found themselves behind them in this contest. Nearly 55% of participants of the polling asserted that the ideal of a woman’s beauty for them is a Ukrainian girl with dark hair. About one third of those polled (33,1%) said that they preferred chestnuts, 28,8% preferred brunettes.
Only 29,5% dream of blonde girls. Red-haired women have the smallest number of devotees. Only 8,8% of European men voted for them. The result of the polling also became a surprise for young women who exhaust themselves with strict diets while striving for model appearance. In usual life the majority of those polled (35,7%) more often pay attention at women who wear an average clothes size. Only 10% of young people are sure that Ukrainian ladies don’t deserve a ‘perfection’ title if they buy clothes bigger than a ‘Little Tiny’ size.
n fairness it must be said that the stronger sex is not attracted by too ‘curvy’ ladies. Among participants of the polling there were only 4,2% of those who like splendid forms.

It also turned out that only Frenchmen prefer tall and slim ones, while Americans, Spanish and Brazilian men are sure that a woman should be ‘fleshy.’ A compulsory option of an ideal appearance for citizens of these countries, as well as for Europeans, is dark hair.
Concerning an eye color, Ukrainian women with blue eyes are the most popular among men (39,8%). The second place is occupied by brown-eyed girls (27,1%). Green-eyed are on the third place (16,3%), 12,2 % of votes are for women with light brown eyes.
Thus, if the polling is true, a woman with an average figure, dark hair and blue eyes may be considered an ideal Ukrainian woman.