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Many touristic companies make public-opinion polls in order to figure out tourists’ preferences. They most often take place in Kiev, as here is a maximal concentration of guests in Ukraine. While analyzing these polls’ data in 2015-2016 and 2017 an interesting tendency became visible.

About one or two years ago foreign tourists associated Kiev with Maidan and revolution, war and establishment of democracy, these events were mentioned by almost all respondents as the most significant. The poll of 2017 showed that interests hasn’t much changed and now Kiev is more interesting to the guests of the city from a touristic point of view, while political points took back seat.
What do people love Kiev for?

Kiev is an ancient city with a rich history. Here Kiev Rus takes its origin, and here is a historical motherland of Slavic folks. Now the modern capital of Ukraine can be called one of the most comfortable and green capitals in Europe where pompous life of metropolis is harmoniously combined with a romantic calmness of parks and squares. ‘You must see it’, think those who took part in the poll.

A considerable part of tourists come to Kiev just for fun. Here are very low prices for alcohol, and night life of the capital is diverse and rich. When compared to other European cities a weekend will cost several times cheaper even taking into consideration a price of a transit. Young people come here to have fun in nightclubs and start romantic relationships with Kiev girls.

By the way, local girls and women take not the least place in the list of reasons why you should come to Kiev. Beauties from the capital has not once lifted their home city to the upper lines of ratings of cities with the most beautiful girls. What lonely man will stand a possibility of finding a bride with not only excellent qualities of a woman and a housewife, but an appearance of a model? Moreover, Kiev dating agencies offer brides to any taste

Sex tourists also get used of the abundance of beautiful and lonely ladies in the capital of Ukraine who now prefer Kiev to far Thailand and Philippines. There are many trustful women who hope for serious relationships and it’s not a big deal to deceive them.

Besides, one should see Kiev because of Khreschatik, Lavra, Dnieper, architecture, nature and interesting places aren’t forsaken by foreign tourists, but these are rather just excursions for diversity of impressions. A compulsory program, as they say it in figure skating…