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A notorious film ‘Ukrainian brides’ was shot in 2001 and made a great splash. Israeli men were showed in it: not young already, tired of local women and desperate in finding their love in the Holy Land. Various organizations defending women’s rights kicked up a real fuss accusing fiancés in dirty act and ‘buying’ of girls from poor countries. They straggled quite sluggishly asserting that Israeli women became too spoiled and forgot how to build a real family.
Eight years later Nili Tal, a producer of the film, decided to check how those couples live. The first people whom she visited were a taxi driver Igal and his wife Galina from Ra'anana. They live within marriage for already 9 years: they quarrel, reconcile themselves, just live a life of a usual couple. ‘I wanted a family’, says Galina. ‘First he seemed to me too serious… but then I understood that he is tolerant, understands me. I consider that we are really a match’. Similarly speaks a 33-year-old Vera who sits near a sick man’s bed who is hospitalized to the ‘Ichilov’ hospital. An age difference (her husband is 57) is not a problem with her and she doesn’t regret at all that she came to Israel. Rami, the host of the firm which organizes these ‘tours’ to Ukraine tells that due to his business nearly 120 Israeli men created a family. And if a marriage falls he usually blames men. ‘A girl leaves everything – a house, a family, comes to Israel without knowing a language. It’s hard’. But he thinks that practically any marriage can be successful – it’s enough just to want and make some efforts.
There can be failures. Rami who is married to a Ukrainian woman himself, tells: ‘There was a woman who was hospitalized because her husband beat her. There was a couple which parted because he was a fanatic money grubber. There were cases when I helped girls. A husband didn’t let her leave a house, threatened her, didn’t feed her, didn’t give her money. I took her to police…’
And now – after 13 years – the end of the saga, the third film.
In the far 2000 heroines could hardly understand how unpredictable their fate after marriage would be. For example, Tanya meanwhile became a British citizen and began her studies in Oxford. A heart of the other heroine, a beautiful Natasha, now belongs to a guy from Moldova. Vera who married a dealer from a Carmel market went through an Orthodox Conversion to Judaism and now she is struggling for a house in the most prestigious district of Tal-Aviv…
Those women whose marriage was successful consider that one should work for a good family life much and persistently. Yes, romance is already not as it used to be, daily round engages people and life becomes grey and ordinary. These and many other questions of international marriages are discussed quite seriously, for example, here. But if one wants it very much, beautiful Ukrainian girls manage to create a firm family fire with Israeli men as well as with American and European ones. Everyone decides for themselves whether it is good or bad.