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It is no secret for anybody that a feminine population of Russia is more numerous than a masculine one. It means that there are statistically nine guys for ten girls. In other words, ladies must involuntary compete for attention of the stronger sex. And in this struggle win as a rule those girls who don’t just look good but are also pleasant to communicate with but also know how to cook, and it means much for every man.
Russian brides are very ‘comfortable’ wives. Since their childhood they are brought up so that the main thing for them is to find a man, to get married with him (otherwise one won’t be happy in her life), give birth to children and be bound up in her family. In Russia one likes to ‘devote one’s life to children’ and ‘lay one’s own life on a family altar’ very much.

It happens so that Russian women should know how to love, give birth to children, make a career and cook better than a chief in a good restaurant.
Summing up, one can say that:
1. A Russian woman never forgets to take care of herself. She always looks good, she just can’t look other way. A man can invite guests to his home any moment and be sure that she won’t be taken aback because she will be looking properly.
2. Slavic girls cook well. All men like to eat tastily and they can’t but notice such a good quality as a culinary talent.
3. A girl from Russia understands surely that her man should be happy with her in bed and she makes everything for sex to be bright and memorable. Otherwise all her culinary abilities won’t help her to be an ideal wife.
4. A Russian wife is a faithful friend of her husband. He can talk to her about anything. It will be always interesting for her to talk to her husband, she will always share his hobbies. At the same time she understands that a man should have his own personal space and she doesn’t object to her husband’s going to watch football or to go fishing with friends.
5. And, at last, she always knows how to give ear to her husband. She can always tell him her thoughts. Even if she doesn’t agree with her husband’s opinion she won’t wake snakes and won’t shout. She will calmly and soberly explain to her husband her point of view.
The source of the article is the site girls-ru.net