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18-20 years old
The time of university education. Daft days in friends’ company. In this period brains of the young beauties work perfectly, but there is little use of them, as thinking algorithms are still not developed and there is no experience. A Ukrainian girl in this period resembles a computer with a perfect hardware and a buggy software. If a girl gets married in this period…
Advantage: it is easy to assure her faithfulness – she knew little men (or didn’t know them at all), she can’t compare them with anybody, her sexual development will happen with her husband, it’s easy to rule her self-esteem.
Advantage: if she gives birth to a child, changes in her health and appearance will be little and they will be easy to correct. Disadvantage: without work experience and support of a husband she may have a lack of motivation for work, it can be difficult for her to identify herself with any profession and overcome hardships of employment (though it also depends on her character).
20-24 years old
The time of the first job. During this period, Ukrainian girls become much smarter while they begin communicating with adult and smart people. An optimal balance of hardware and software.
It’s an optimal period for marriage, but birth of children is worth postponing by 24-25 to give her an opportunity to work, become more witty, choose a profession, gain business connections. It gives her an opportunity and a wish to make a career after giving birth to children and it is more pleasant to communicate with a clever wife.

23-27 years old
In this period already clever but still beautiful young women have a stable job and start searching for a husband in a quite responsible way.
There are not many women of this age group on a brides’ market in Ukraine, as the majority of them are already married and give birth to children. Those who search for serious relationships in this age often have serious problems with such features as appearance, behavior, an inflated self-concept, inflated demands to a husband and men.
In general, it’s a successful marriage period, but at this age a girl searches for a husband rather using her logic than her feelings. It means that she first evaluates a man’s purse and only than may fall in love with him.
26-32 years old
In this period a life of a woman who still haven’t been married gains stability and reliability and she goes on with her search for a husband. If she is still lonely, be sure that there is something wrong with her.
These are young women younger by 35 who should be treated as candidates to become wives. They are more often capable of strong feelings as a problem of a ‘purse’ is no longer important for them. While trying to get married and restore high demand for themselves they start treating everything without hurrying and thoroughly. In general, it is comfortable and pleasant to communicate with them in any role.
Ukrainian women older than 35. These lonely women have no less success chances than younger ones do. As distinct from impulsive girls, women at this age know for sure what they want from life and they gain their aim purposefully. Moreover, they don’t lay down too many demands to a stronger sex.
The Ukrainian dating agency ‘good wife’ held a very useful statistic research in the course of which one tried to figure out how men and women treat age limit within marriage, and what age group they prefer. The main group of men answered that they are interested in women of 24-30 as at this age women are on the peak of beauty and sexuality